How to keep your wig from matting at the back?

    Hi there, this is UWigs, which specializes in human hair wigs. Recently, We have got lots of questions that come to me about lace wigs matting in the back. How do you stop a human hair lace wig from matting in the back? Are there effective methods to avoid that?

How to keep your wig from matting at the back|UWigs

    Honestly, there is no way possible to get it from not matting at all. Everyone’s hair will get a little tangled, but because it is a wig, even it is a virgin human hair wig. When it is cut off from the donor, it will no longer have the natural lubricants going on through it.

    So the best thing that I would say is to use a sulfate-free shampoo. What happens is when you have sulfate-free shampoo? The hair will not be as harsh as before and will be much softer and more gentle. The sulfate-free shampoo will not cause your virgin hair wig to be too dry and can keep your wig healthy for longer.

    After shampoo, make sure to condition your wig, which will help you lock in the moisture in the hair. So that it will make it silk, soft, and not be too dry. In daily life, you can use a spray bottle to put on some water and conditioner to spay on the hair to help you detangle the knots and make it more silk. After spraying the conditioner on the hair, run your fingers through the hair to make sure all the hair is smooth. And then add a little bit of Moroccan oil to add a bit of shininess to the hair.

    When we have all done the washing, conditioning, and set, the wig is ready to wear. Before wearing it, add a little bit of Moroccan oil to your palm, then run it through the hair, especially at the back area of the wig. That will help it not matting as much, and that is how you stop matting from the back of a human hair lace wig.

    I hope you all find this blog helpful to keep from the matting hair at the back. If you are planning to order a new human hair wig, UWigs is your ideal choice, we offer varieties of human hair wigs at an affordable price, and now you can enjoy a surprise discount.

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