How to get rid of a wig too tight?

    Hi there, this is UWigs. I have noticed a question that mainly new wig wears have. It is when they receive a human hair wig, it feels too tight. So I'm saying this is normal for brand new wig wearers,because they haven't adjusted yet. We will show you how a wig feels secure yet comfortable, a wig should never give you a headache, but if it feels too tight, these tips may help you out of that.

How to get rid of a wig too tight|UWigs

    When you receive a new lace wig, but it feels a little too tight. The first thing to try is if you know you're going to keep the wig. Hold the top and hold the bottom where the label is, and all you're going to do is stretch and stay for about 30 seconds, and then let it go and try it on.  

    When it comes to a brand new human hair wig, we want it to relax a little but not be too loose. After you wear the wig for 15-20 minutes, it will begin to loosen due to the warmth from your head.

    If you want to wear it in a hurry, you can gently stretch it, but please do not yank it. I recommend stretching it a bit since most wigs are reinforced with rubber bands on both sides. The elastic is brand new, and usually, we have two pieces of the elastic band at one side, it may be tight for the first time. We can loosen the band by stretching the entire base of the wig.

    The next suggestion i would give you is also about the little sizers. Hold one of the sizers and stretch to relax it a bit, stay for about 30 seconds, and then do the other side, then try it on. If you find it is also too tight, do it again. The elastic band is like a small bra strap, which can be tightened or loosened with an adjustable buckle.

    The next step is if you need you can cut this elastic band off, but not on both sides, and what I suggest you do is only cut off the one side, so if if you want to put it back, you could sew the elastic band back on the lace wig for reinforcement.

    So these are the simple steps to deal with tight human hair wigs, trust me, they make a huge difference. Take your time with the new wig, don't just put it on quick and expect it to be perfect. Work with it a little bit, stretch it a little bit, if you need to, and if you're a new wig wearer, please subscribe! We will keep on the share with you more human hair care tips. In addition, we have applied a special $16 coupon for our blog fans. If you are wondering to purchase a new wig, please visit to get more information. Coupon code: Blog16, looking forward to your arrival.

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