How to fix and reinstall lace wigs?

    Hi, this is UWigs. When we get the question, can I reuse the lace wig again? Yes, of course, we can reuse the lace wig as many times as we want to. We would not recommend throwing away your wig, of course, but you needed to know how to care for the human hair lace wigs after you uninstall it, and these are my tips.

How to clean glue adhesive from lace wig?

How to fix and reinstall lace wigs| UWigs

    Ordinary, lots of people prefer to slay down the lace wigs with glue adhesive, so when we take off the lace wig, we will find that the lace is pretty filthy, and then it would be difficult to remove the glue from the lace. 

    But don't worry, an oil product will be helpful for you, we would recommend using coconut oil, but you can use any oil you have on hand. Add some oil to the lace area, and then take a small brush to peel away that glue gently from the lace. Be patient; this is a slow process, it takes time, it's not going to come up instantly, you have to let that oil sit with that glue, just kind of work it out until it starts to break down, you can apply a little bit more oil if you need to. We need to know that it's no fast way to remove wig adhesive from your wigs. You can also use the products that most wig adhesive companies have, but they don't make a difference much more than the oil product.

How to fix balding hairline on lace wig

    Sometimes you will get a balding or receding hairline over time; This can come from thinning out your hairline or just wearing wig adhesives on your wig. We would recommend removing some of the lace, and this can work well if you have a cap that is a size bigger than your head, but if your cap size fits snug, then this step might not suit you.

    We need to take a scissor and recreate the hairline by cutting away any bald areas on the lace wig. cut follows the natural shape of the hairline. That's overly thin at the front. Usually, we need to remove half an inch of that lace, not much at all, just about half an inch. Please don't take off any more than this; otherwise, you will get a small size wig cap.

How to clean residue from lace wig

    When it comes to clean residue from lace, we would recommend using the shine moisture wig and weave shampoo; apply a little bit of this right to the lace, making sure to get any glue or residue left from the oil out of that lace. We want to make sure to do this because this can prevent our lace wig application from sticking.  

Reinstall the lace wigs

    When we have clean out all the old glue on the lace, we can start to reinstall the lace wig, it's not much different from the regular installation of a new lace wig, but if you have cut away the front hairline, then you will need to recreate the edges again. 

     If you have some comments or look for an affordable virgin human hair lace wig, please contact us. UWigs provides cheap human hair lace wigs and professional service. 

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