How To Eliminate Frizz In Human Hair Wig?

     There is no doubt that everyone hates frizzy hair. So today, UWigs will talk about why your human hair wig gets frizzy and how to defrizz it. If you face this problem now, keep reading, I think this article will help you get out of this issue.

How To Eliminate Frizz In Human Hair Wig|UWigs

Why does human hair wig get frizzy?

    When talking about the frizzing of the human hair wig, we need to know that even it is virgin human hair wig is not the same as our natural hair. When the hair is cut off from the donor and made to the human hair wigs, it cannot benefit from the natural moisture and oil produced by the scalp anymore. Therefore, if we do not maintain our human hair wigs properly, they will become dry, damaged, and frizzy over time.

How to defrizz a human hair wig?

    1. We need to comb human hair wigs regularly to ensure that it does not get tangled. When combing the hair, we recommend putting the wig on the wig holder and combing the hair gently in sections. Make sure to use a wide-tooth comb or wig brush to prevent further breakages.

     2. Shampoo the human hair wig at least once a week. If you wear it frequently. We strongly recommend using a mild shampoo specifically for human wigs. Shampoos with too strong cleaning ability can also cause certain damage to wigs.

    3. Most importantly, please do not forget to condition the human hair wig after shampooing, wearing the wig for a long time will cause some moisture loos in the hair. Therefore, it is vital to the condition it, and when you have found that your wig is very dry and frizzy, it is necessary to deep condition it. Cover your wig with a shower cap to increase nutrition. The plastic shower cap can lock the heat and help your hair thoroughly moisturize.

    4. Allowing your wig to air dry is the best way to prevent further damage and curling. However, if you want to design your wig or are in a hurry, you can also use the heating tool in a low-temperature setting.

    This is our advice on how to remove frizzy on human hair wigs correctly and effectively. Taking care of your wig and keeping it intact is very important for you to feel confident and to stay beautiful for as long as possible.

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