How to correctly detangle curly hair wig?

    Hi, there. This is UWigs. As we all know, curly hair is easy to get tangled, and it’s not effortless work to detangle it. What’s more? We have noticed that some people detangle their curly hair in improper methods, which will harm the curly hair wig. So we decide to share with you some tips on how to detangle curly hair to help you keep your curly hair wig last for longer.

How to correctly detangle curly hair wig|UWigs

    Tip 1: You don't want to use the brush to comb your curly hair wig, because with the brush you can not help yourself pulling too hard on the hair, which would result in curls getting loose, and hair getting more frizzy.

    Tip 2: Remember wide-tooth comb is not the best friend for the curly hair wig. It’s not user-friendly at all. When you bomb through your curly hair with the wide-tooth comb, do not use a wide-tooth comb, the wide-tooth comb is not the right tool when dealing with the mats and tangles on your curly hair wig. It’s not user-friendly for frizzy curly hair wigs. While you bomb through your curly hair with the wide-tooth comb, too much pressure would lead to extra shedding. 

    So what's the right way to detangle your curly hair? Now we will show you.

    Step 1: First, you need to separate the curly hair into sections.

    Step 2: Grab each section in the middle and smooth the bottom hair first by using the pointed tail comb. What you will need is a pointed tail comb to detangle the curly hair wig.

    Step 3: Then, smooth the whole section from the roots to every end by using the pointy tail comb. That way the first could easily get tangled. So you just keep smoothing and smoothing

    Step 4: After the smooth job is done, don't forget to fix it and spray your hair with the conditioner mist. Then there you have a beautiful puffy curly hair wig.

    Proper maintenance is essential for every human hair wig, regularly brushing is particularly crucial for curly hair care. The right way to comb the hair can extend its lifespan, while the wrong way will lead to lots of hair shedding. 

    Hope this guide is helpful for you to maintain your wig, UWigs offers a variety of cheap human hair wig, if you have no idea where to find a quality hair vendor, why not have a try at UWigs human hair wig, I’m sure it won’t disappoint you.

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