How to correcting human hair wig damage?

    Human hair wigs are the epitome of Luxury. They give the most realistic look and feel to alternative hairpieces. The average lifespan can be up to a year with proper care, so keep in mind that the better hair you get such as Remy hair, the less likely it'll become dry and damaged. If your human hair wig begins to experience frizziness or matting near the nape area before that time, try one of the following methods to bring your human hair back to life.

How to correcting human hair wig damage|UWigs

    First, pin your wig to a canvas block head, being careful to avoid puncturing any monofilament or lace material.

    Next, condition the wig in sections, avoiding the roots, as it could loosen any knots and cause loss of fiber. Be sure to work the product thoroughly through any matted areas, gently comb through the matted sections, then wash the human hair wig as you usually would.

    For more extensive repair, try the deep-conditioning method. Applied the intensive recovery mask throughout the wig in sections, remember to avoiding the roots. Cover each section in plastic wrap, and apply low heat to the outside with a blow-dryer for one to two minutes, then unwrap your wig and comb it through.

    Apply heat protectant all over the hair, using a round brush while blow-drying each section. To use a round brush, lay the fiber over the round brush and then roll it through, be careful to avoid wrapping the hair around the barrel. Follow it with a blow dryer on low heat, just as you do on your bio hair.

    For any lace front or monofilament repairs, take your wig to your local hair salon, where the specialist can let you know whether the damage can be repaired or not.

    Most importantly, to prevent damage from being done. Be sure to regularly condition and oil your human hair wigs, store them on a wig form or head to prevent tangling. Remember to keep your bio hair in good shape as well, only when it's clean and smells fresh, so will your wig.

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