How to clean and re-install a used lace wig?

We always talked about how to install a new lace wig and how to cut the lace. But the wig is not disposable consumable, you can wear the wig many times if we can take good care of it. UWigs will share with you how to clean and re-install a used lace wig.

How to clean a used lace wig?
    In order to wear a beautiful wig, we usually will brush the foundation to the lace to make the wig melt skin well and use glue to make the wig fixes on our head. So the lace will be full of foundation and glue. The first step is washing the lace. We could use warm to hot water with the washcloth and repeatedly rub in the upward motion to get the glue off. Then, we can use some shampoo to wash to hair and the lace. We can prepare a pot of hot water and add some conditioner into the hot water and make the wig sit for 10 minutes to make the hair soft and smooth. Finally, rinse the wig with water and air dry wig.

How to re-install a used wig?
    Re-install a used wig just like the first time you install the wig but needn’t cut the lace! Is it so easy?

    If you have learned it, would you like to try it with your old wig?

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