How to choose bangs?

How to choose bangs?

Influenced by the Coronavirus, many people have to stay at home for quarantine. According to the unofficial statistics, 20% of people have bangs in 2019 but 87% of people have bangs in 2020. Some people may cut bangs to get an unique hairstyle which make herself special. It's not as difficult to cut the bangs as to do a hairstyle. It absolutely can do it by yourself. Therefore, people have the opportunity to do the things that have no time to do before, like cutting bangs. But how what kind of bangs is best for you? If you want to know, please read on.

The type of bangs

There are many types of bangs, which can shape your own style as you want. Now, I want to list some representative bangs for you.

1.Baby Bangs


Baby bangs is a classic one that has been prevalent for a long time. They might require frequent trims, but they're totally worth it. If you want to pick a bangs that you will not regret, just go for it.

2.Eye-Skimming Bangs


Eye-skimming bangs may seems to be unpractical, but it is a leisure style indeed. if you have a square face shape, eye-skimming bangs will be your good partner. Prepare to play up your texture with this look.

3.Curly Bangs


Curly hair can not only modify your face shape but also add a sense witty and cute. No matter your curl pattern, even a few shorter curls can make you a big difference. It has to be said that curly provides the perfect illustration of the coexistence of sexy and cute.

4.Feathered Bangs

feathered bangs

There are many variations of feathered bangs, and the effect is different from that of different hairstyles. To cut the feathered bangs, it is not necessary to have long hair. It is also very pretty to cut the feathered bangs with short or medium long hair. It's versatile enough to be worn pushed over to the side or parted down the middle. The bangs will give you a little more movement.

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