How to change the parting on human hair wig?

    For some wig beginners, how to change the parting on the human hair wig is an issue that they are struggling with, so today, we will share with you some easy methods to change the parting line on your human hair wig.

How to change the parting on human hair wig|UWigs

    There's a lot of reasons why you'd want to change the part line on your wigs. For instance, if your part was too straight or if it was off to the side, it just didn't look quite right on you, it might be advantageous to go ahead and switch it up. 

    Since part lines on wigs have been created to be a certain way, it is not easy to change, so if you try to change it, it will probably try to fight you, so you'll need to use some clips to hold the hair into the right place. 

    In case you want to create a new permanent part line. Here are some methods to help you. I hope you find it helpful.

Method 1: Changing the parting without wetting your hair

1. Part the hair where you want to

2. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair in the direction you want the hair to lay

3. Use a blow dryer to style hair into shape (optional)

Method 2: Changing the parting with wand curlers and moose& water

1. Part the hair where you want with the comb

2. Run the curlers along the part to let the hair stay

3. Wet the hair around the parting to lay flat

4. Apply mousse to set the hair

Method 3: Change the parting with flat iron and mousse

1. Brush the hair down to detangle the hair

2. Comb out & straighten the hair once one layer

3. Add mousse to each layer to set and lay flat

4. Comb the hair in the same direction

    Once you have mastered these ways to change your parting line, you can change your parting on your wigs to suit your preferences. 

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