How to blow dry your human hair wig for volume?

    Hi, there, it's is UWigs. Sometimes we hear a lot of people complaining that their hair is too thin. How to get a more volume look seems to be the most request for most people. If you are also struggling with the same problem. I'm sure this blog will help you. I will show you how to add volume to your human hair lace wig by the hairdryer.

How to blow dry your human hair wig for volume|UWigs

    First of all, to properly blow-dry your human hair wig or hairpiece for volume, you will need the blown away blow-dry balm, weightless volumizing foam, a boar bristle brush, a paddle brush, hair clips, blow-dryer, t-pins, a canvas blockhead, and wig clamp.

    Once you have finished cleaning and conditioning your human hair wig, wrap it in a towel and gently pat it to remove excess water.

    Secure your wig to a canvas block head by applying two T-pins at the top of the ear tabs, just outside of the lace front area. Two T-pins at the lower ear tabs and two T-pins at the nap. Do not pin through the lace front or monofilament materials.

    Use only your paddle brush to detangle your human hair wig while it is wet. Apply a small amount of blown away blow-dry balm from mid-lengths through ends. Apply two to three pumps of weightless volumizing foam throughout the hair.

    Using a round boar bristle brushwork in two-inch sections starting at the nape, blow-dry over directing the hair for optimal volume, apply a cool shot at the end. We recommend performing a blow-dry with blown away on all alternative human hair to smooth the hair and create a foundation for your styling.

   This is the easy way to make your human hair wig look much more puffy and thick. If you have a thin wig and store it in your closet. Why not try this method to give it a new look and save your money.

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