How to blow-dry the human hair wig correctly?

     Hi there, this is UWigs. Usually, we do not suggest blowing dry human hair wigs, especially blow dry it with the heated air. But if you insist on doing that, I hope you can follow this guide. Keep on reading! I will show you how to blow-dry human hair wigs correctly in this blog.

     This guide is just going to show you that you can style the human hair wig quickly and easily if you need to wash the hair and go out in a rush.

How to blow-dry the human hair wig correctly|UWigs

    First of all, after you have washed your human hair wig, give it a gentle squeeze with the towel, and then always giving the hair a good brush. We want to go from the roots down to the ends, making sure that there are no knots anywhere in it.

    You can hold your hand underneath on the base and then put your thumb on the parting. It will make it easier for you to find where the parting line is. If you don't want to put it back on your head while it was wet. You can also put it on the wig stand or a foam head that you might have at home.

    Then, we will start by gently blasting the hair, while the hair is a little bit dry, we can pop it onto the wig stand and keep on gently blast the hair. Then you will see how easy it is to get the hair looking good without making too much ever.

    When blow-drying the hair, you can run your hands through the hem to help to take some of the frizz out. Since we are blow-dry human hair wigs, it will be better to use low to medium temperatures. The over-temperature will cause damage to the hair. If it’s a wavy hair wig, you can twist the hair follow the curl while blow-drying. If it’s bone straight hair wig, it will much easier to styling. You can just blow-dry it, if you want it to be silkier, you can use a paddle brush or round brush to help you, grabbing the hair and blasting it.

    Finally, I think the most important thing to remember is to have fun and to enjoy your human hair wig, it's beautiful. If you have no idea where to purchase a cheap human hair wig, you can try for UWigs human hair wigs. We specialize in selling human hair wigs, the quality is reliable since we have our factory.

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