How often should you wash the human hair wig?

     Hey everyone, here is UWigs. We have found that one of the greatest questions that most wig wearers concerns about are how often should they be supposed to wash their wigs? So today, we will talk about it in this blog.

    First of all, we have been spending enough money on a human hair wig.  So that we want to make sure we can take good care of it.

How often should you wash the human hair wig|UWigs

    If you wear your wig daily, you are supposed to wash it more often. There are many factors that you decide that you define how often you need to wash your wigs. For example: if you do a lot of curling or straightening, or using sprays and others things on your human hair wig. Then, wash it more often. But if you are careful and you don't wash it very thoroughly, then you can keep your wig for a longer time. At the same time, it will look healthier.

    When it comes to the weather. If you live in a very humid place, and there are flyaways, we suggested using some spray to disguise it a little bit.

    About the heat, the frequency of washing the human hair wig also varies depending on the temperature. In the hot summer, which means you are likely to sweat more, so the wig will get dirty easier. It needs to be cleaning more often. However, it’s cold and dry in the winter, the human hair wig can keep cleaning for a long time, you did not need to wash it so often.

    What’s more? Proper washing is essential for high-quality human hair wigs. An improper wash including washing too frequently, improper washing method, and improper washing products will cause damage to the virgin  human hair wigs. So keep in might, do not over-wash your wig. Usually, once a week in the summer if you wear it daily. In winter, it can be extended according to your situation.

    As for the products, we recommend using the products that are especially for wigs. As we all know, even if it’s a human hair wig, there are also some differences to our natural hair. Besides, it would be better to wash it with neutral shampoo to ensure it won't affect the hair quality. Some of the shampoos are drastic to the hair.

    Another thing you need to consider is that we have two types of wigs, human hair wigs, and synthetic wigs. You can not treat your human hair wig as synthetic ones. For synthetic ones, they are much cheaper, they are able to get heat, but the heat is not friendly to human hair wigs. Also, some products which suit using synthetic wigs may harm human hair wigs. Therefore, please remember to use the right products like shampoos, conditioners, and other styling cosmetics.

    The second thing is never to shower with wigs on, it will be much preferable to wash your wig separately. In this way, it will make it easier to dry than in your hood. Because in contact with your scalp and the roots of your hair, it will be humid for a longer time, so it's not a good idea to shower with wigs, preferably take it out before getting your shower.

    I hope you find this guide helpful. Want more human hair care tips or tracks? Please subscribe to our channel, we will continue to focus on human hair care and provide you with cheap human hair wigs in the future.

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