How could sleep in your wig at night?

    How much time do you spend installing a wig? Do you have time to re-apply a wig every morning? Today, UWigs will tell you how could sleep with a wig at night so that you need not install the wig again in the hurried morning.

    The first thing to do is brush your wig out with a wide brush. Make sure to brush all the tangles and anything snags out of it. And you could start to brush the wig at the bottom which could make the brush more easily. If the ends of the hair looks a little dry. You could use styling or moisturizer to make the hair a little wet.

    Second, you could part your hair on each side and twist them together. Just like you are doing a cornrow but these are twists and you just overlap them into the hair and this also helps with the morning time, so you don't have to style the hair if you're in a rush.

    Next, you need to gather two braids all up at the end into a small ponytail which is like the following picture.

how to sleep in your wig


    Then wear a wide headband to cover your hairline and use a smaller headband to fix it. The last step is wearing a nightcap and going to bed.

    You need not to install your wig again when you wake up in the next morning which could help you save many time. Do you get it? You could have a try next time!

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