Get it beauty! How to install the wig by yourself during quarantine?

Get it  beauty! How to install the wig by yourself during quarantine?

Beauty at home

Affected by the COVID-19, we may need to stay at home to ensure our safety. But during quarantine, our mood may become restless and anxious. So how should we adjust? In order to avoid excessive tension, we should keep a positive attitude and do some things to please ourselves. Is your hair getting longer when you stay at home for a long time,? Is your hairstyle getting out of control when you don't have a barber? A simple wig can meet your needs. Even at home, you can be a pretty girl and have the perfect selfie. When the quarantine is over, you will be the most eye-catching girl.

How to install the wig

Due to the high quality and beauty of the products, Transparent lace wig is much more in vogue than the normal one. The method of wearing is not complicated.

First, you should wash and condition your own hair as well as the wig. It’s important to slick down your natural hair to make it flat.

Then wear the wig and use the glue freezing spray on the lace so that you can better fit the forehead.

Next, you’d better pick up a regular scissors to cut the lace gradually to the hairline as you want.

In the end, blow dry the hair and choose some make up to decorate. A shade which closes to your skin tone may be a good choice.

The type of the wig

There are various types of wigs like body wave wig, straight hair wig, loose deep wig, curly hair wig, deep wave wig. It can be flat ironed, curled, dyed and bleached. You can change your hairstyle as you like. As long as you have a wig, you are able to be a mutable woman.

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