Four things all lace wig wearers should know!

    Hi, there; this is UWigs. Today, we are going to share you with some tips that all hair wig wearers should know. If you are a wig beginner, keep on reading.

Four things all lace wig wearers should know|UWigs

Tip 1: Wig cap
    Find your nude. Get a nude twist wig cup; what they mean by that is to find a wig cup closest to your skin tone. Not everyone is the same color, so you need to choose the wig cup according to your skin tone. If you're unsure which wig caps you should use, I will always recommend going with the lightest one because you can always take your concealer and darken it up a little bit, but it's harder to lighten up a dark wig cap.

    When we have our wig cap on and put our lace on top of the wig cap, it will bring a little better and give it a more realistic skin. If you use a black one, sometimes it can make this tip of the lace look a little bit lighter. You know the lace has holes in it, so the black hole shows through, and it's going to be a little harder to conceal.

Tip 2: Wig grip
    A wig grip is like a lifesaver; it can help us hold on to the lace front wigs. There are many kinds of wig grip on the market, but I would recommend getting a full velcro on both sides wig grip because it fits in many different head sizes, and you will have more to grip in with this one.

    Put the wig grip around at our head and clip it; we want to do it to where the hair, if we feel the hair on your brush back, because that's what grips the lace wig, so what this does is it keeps your wig from sliding off. The wig grip will keep your wig from sliding if your lace wig is too big, it helps tighten it up a little bit, and it also helps to lay the lace, a lot of times, the lace along the forehead will roll up, and the wig grip helps to spread out the lace. It's not sick at all, so it won't cause too much uplift of the wig because it's pretty flat.

Tip 3: Blenching knots on the lace wig
    Many people are a little confused about bleaching. blenching the knots on the human hair lace wigs is a skilled job. If we haven't done it properly, it can lead to over-bleaching and even destroyed the lace wigs.

    So if you are not good at bleaching, you can do the following step; not only will this help camouflage the knots, but it will with shade. What you do is take the lace wig and flip it inside out. Then we spray the got 2B glue holding spray on the wig cap, and then you would use a powder foundation that is close to your scalp and go over the lace part of the wig cap, and last we respray the holding spray. Make sure that is 100% dry before you put it on your head.

    With this method, you don't have to worry about the hair falling out, getting bald spots; you don't have to worry about any of that. Of course, it's not as blendable, but it helped, and it's safer, in my opinion, especially if you're not a professional.

Tip 4: Parting space
    It's crucial to do something to get the part to look a little bit more like skin because it looks good from a distance, but when being up close, we will see the holes inside of the lace and a little bit of mesh. Don't worry; put on some concealer on the parting, or place silicone scar sheets on the inside of the parting will help you solve this problem.

    I hope you all enjoyed this blog, and I hope I helped many of you out there. If you have any other comments or any other questions, please contact us. Buy cheap human hair lace wigs in UWigs; contact us to get a secret gift and coupon.

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