Four hacks & tips for lace wig you need to know

    Hi there, we are UWigs. The customization of the lace wigs is essential; it determines if you can get a natural look. This blog will show you some crucial tips you need to know about customizing the human hair lace wigs. These are tips that all wig wears should know.

Four hacks & tips for lace wigs you need to know|UWigs

Setting a part line

    Everyone should know how to create a part, but people are often afraid of the flyaways. So we need to wet it with water, put a little bit of conditioner and oil in that water, and allow the hair to kind of layover. It's a molding technique, use a blow dryer and brush it down to mold the hair to move in the direction you want. So that it's flat and it doesn't have any bumps or anything into it. If you wanted it to be a little bit more straight, you could use a wig brush and a flatiron to flatten out the length of the hair.

 Customizing the part

    Customize the part is something you can also do with the front hairline of the lace wigs. But since most wigs have been pre-plucked, we'll probably focus on the parting to open it up a little bit. It looks a lot more natural when the parting line is a little bit more open up, and that's so straight-lined like most lace wigs can be. We can use tweezers to take a few strands of the hair within the lace and pull whatever we could remove, don't pull a whole lot at the same time, just a few strands at a time.

Cutting the lace

    So another tip is cutting the lace. Whether it's lace front wigs or 360 lace wigs, we always encourage you to cut as close to the hairline and hair as possible. Even if you cut off a little bit of hair, it's okay. The close you cut to the hairline, the better. So in this way, you don't see the lace effect.

Elastic band method

    In general, there is an elastic band inside the wig cap, so we can adjust the elastic bands to help it fit a little bit more. But if there is not, we can also sew it by ourselves. But make sure you leave a nice amount of room at the ear tabs of lace open or extend it so that you can attach the elastic band.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you find this blog is helpful. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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