Four easy ways to fixing lace wigs

    Hi there, this is UWigs. A well-experienced hair business. Today I'm here to tell you all the different ways to secure your human hair lace wigs in place. So many people worry that their wig is going to fall off. However, I can assure you that the chances of that happening are very slim.

Four easy ways to fixing lace wigs|UWigs

Method 1: Elastic band
    The first way to secure the lace wig in place is built into the wig cap. There is a buckle adjustment, so we can kind of cinch down to help grip it in place, and then there's also a Velcro adjustment in the wig cap, so we can undo it, pull it and cinch it down as tight as we need to. So that's the first way that you can help secure the lace wigs in place.

Method 2: Cushion band
    A cushion band is a gel-filled headband, and even someone going through chemotherapy finds it especially useful. If when wearing your wig you are experiencing headaches, this will also relieve any pressure points. It has velcro, so it accommodates many different head sizes, and it's also available in a petite size. It's effortless to put on this cushion band, set it where your natural hairline is, and go behind your ears. Adjust it to fit your head size, make it snug. And then just put on the lace wig, so now it's solid that it will still securely in place no matter how you shake it.

Method 3: Wig gripper
    The wig gripper is made out of a soft material designed to grip the hair wigs in place. Besides, it also wicks away any moisture. It also has velcro, which accommodates many different head sizes.

Method 4: Toupee tape
    The toupee tape is double-sided tape, which is very friendly to the lace front wig. We can place it right behind the hairline on the lace front portion of the wig to avoid it from the uplift. So it just helps keep it down and secure better. We can also use the stays wig adhesive; we can also apply this product to the whole top portion of the wig.

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