Everything you need to know about lace wig maintenance

    Hi there, this is UWigs. Some girls would complain that their lace front wig lasted only a week and then started lifting for over a week. Installing a wig over and over again is cumbersome, so we are going to show you some tips that can help your install last as long as possible.

Everything you need to know about lace wig maintenance|UWigs

    Tips 1: Use anything that's silk to wrap our hair, and besides, don't put any tension on the hairline, because we do not want the residue or the tiny particles or whatever the case maybe we don't want it to get stuck to our hair or the adhesive. So we will always recommend using anything that is silk. We need to have a nice silk wrap and make sure we have an excellent quality bonnet that's tight enough. It doesn't give us a headache.

    Tips 2: Stay away from any activities involving sweating or being near the water on the first day of the installing. Because that's most likely going to have the lace lifting, that always happens to many people. 

    Tips 3: Keep makeup far away from the lace if you are not very good at makeup. Because sometimes it will look dark and sometimes with a caked when we put the makeup on the lace. It looks terrible. What's more? A buildup of a lot of makeup could alter the longevity of the wig installation. All the oils that are in the makeup and all these different types of ingredients. Makeup and oils and stuff like that do not mix well with adhesive. The makeup makes the lace front wig start lifting after a while.

    Tips 4: You need to understand that touch-ups are sometimes mandatory. The lace wig is as same as the makeup; it can't last forever. Maybe the middle is fine, but the sides keep lifting, so at this time, we need to do the touch-ups. If the lace is lifting on the side, try our best to clean the lace with alcohol, make sure to clean out all of the glue residues and then apply a thin layer of glue to glue it down again.

    Tips 5: Try to keep away from getting hairstyles that will put tension on the front of the frontal. Sometimes we get half up and half downs or full lace wig throw into a ponytail sometimes, we got six bundles in that's just real heavy. If you are going to wear your hair like that, try to keep it limited to a day. Or don't overdo it. Make sure your hair is down and not being pulled in any direction because once you get the sliding, you can't slide it back. You can try to slide it back, but you're going to have to glue it in certain places or spray it or whatever you do. It can get very annoying. So make sure you try to refrain from any hairstyles that will pull your lace in any direction. 

    That's all the tips. We hope you all enjoy this blog. Visit www.uwigs.com to get more information and cheap human hair lace wig.

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