Essential Maintain Tips on Human Hair Wigs

    The maintenance of the virgin hair lace wig is undoubtedly the biggest headache for lace wigs wearer, but this is also the most important thing. UWigs will share some tips that no one tells you how to take good care of lace front wigs.

Essential Maintain Tips on Human Hair Wigs

1. Using a dye

    We know some people use foundation to help lighten their lace to match it to their skin tone. However, when trying to melt your lace, don't use lots of foundation and gunk up your lace frontal. First of all, we'd suggest using a dye to help tint the lace frontal, whether it's fabric dye can do. And if you want to use foundation, we would recommend sparing a little bit when applying it to the lace frontal; we want to be dust it over, even though you're not using powdered or whatever it's powder liquid. We don't need to use a lot of product because we don't want to gunk it up; when we've gone kit up, it makes it harder for it to blend into your head's forehead piece.

2. Wash the lace wigs

    After every takedown of the lace wigs, we need to wash them properly. It doesn't mean that you have to clean the entire human hair lace wig all the time, but you have to clean the lace part. We need to wash out all of that blue gel in the lace, a lot of girls are taking off their lace wigs and reapplying it without washing it, and then they're wondering why it's not blending seamlessly, because when the lace frontal dirty is dirty, it's harder to be seamless.

3. Less is more

    When doing baby hairs, please remember less is more. The purpose of creating the baby hair is to make it have a more realistic look, but if we have created too much baby hair, it just looks like you're just making it more apparent. The fewer baby hairs are, the more natural.

4. Leave a little bit of lace

    We're talking about the front circumference of the frontal lace wigs. When cut in the frontal lace, leave a bit of lace, about 1-2 centimeters, so that the frontal can blend better. Don't cut right where the hairline starts because if we have to do that, we will get a straight line that will make the lace harder to blend with our skin; then, it will look unnatural.

5. Elastic band

    We would suggest using the elastic band to lay the lace frontal down. Whether we use the got 2b or spray, we need to tie an elastic band to lay down the lace around our hairline. The elastic band is always beneficial to melt the lace wig into our skin.

6. Work in section

    When you're gluing when you are applying your lace frontal, glue it in sections. We would recommend starting in the middle because when we start in the middle, that can stretch the lace frontal and make sure it lays flat. I found that that way is more accurate in terms of the hairline. Everyone has a different hairline, it's much harder to glue it down in a complete piece, but it's much easier to do in three sections.

7. Don't touch the glue with your heads

    Please do not use your fingers to touch the adhesive; we suggested using a rat tail comb or use something metal to apply the glue into the lace. If you use your hands to touch the bond, it will create white residue, have white marks in places you don't want, and it isn't annoying. However, if you do have white residue, well, because you've touched the lace frontal or something or glue, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove that and reapply the lace wigs.

8. Use coffee sticks

    When you are applying lace adhesive, use coffee sticks to help spread it evenly. Then you will find it work well to slay down the lace wig.

    That's all our suggestion. We would be delighted if this is helpful for you. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please contact us:!  

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