Easy Seamless and Glueless Install On Lace Wigs for 2021 Summer

    Hi there, we are UWigs. Are you always looking for a new way to slay down the lace wig without glue since you are afraid that will cause damage to your hairline? Today we will give you all some exclusive tips on how to get the perfect glueless wig application. A lot of these tips are significant for the glueless method, so keep on reading. 

Easy Seamless and Glueless Install On Lace Wigs for 2021 summer

Pros of glueless install On Lace Wigs

  1. The first profit of glueless install must be safer because it would not cause damage to our edges since there is no glue adhesive. Although, with the proper install and removal of the lace wig, the glue would not cause a significant impact. 
  2. Slay down the lace wigs with glue will take more time, so if you have no time to glue it down and make it look flawless, we would recommend installing the lace wigs without glue. 
  3. The summer is coming up, and we want to do a lot more glueless installs because that glue doesn't work very well on hot days, so glueless installs are very important for all summer 2021.

How To Install a Lace Wig With No Glue

    Step 1: We need to pluck the hairline and bleached the knots at first. We will not go into details because we already have a blog on pluck and bleach wigs. Please check out that blog if you want more information. But if you have a pre-plucked lace wig or don't care about that, you don't need to do this step. 

    Step 2: Tighten the strap that is in the back, and pull them over. We recommend hooking it to the furthest latch possible, just like that tight, so that way when we slide the wig on, the lace wig would be secure, which is not going to move or slip. 

    Step 3: Since the lace wigs are secure, what we want to do is remove the lace. If we don't remove it correctly, what usually happens ends up with that line around the forehead. So we should follow the shape of the hairline in detail, using a razor instead of a scissor, take the scissors to apply a slit. 

    We are making a glueless application, so it is imperative to ensure the hairline is the lineup and everything is matters. If we leave extra lace, it will be able to see the lace when looking closely. The lace underneath the knots is going to be the clearest and visible. If we leave any lace too much, we will see it up against that forehead, so we need always to go back and trim up areas that we might have missed, but in the process, make sure that we are cutting as close to those knots as possible, shaping out and following the shape of the hairline. 

    Step 4: This step is crucial when we are not gluing down the lace wigs. We want everything to be blended to look like it's glued down. So we need a brush and some foundation powder that matches our skin. Tap the foundation powder around the hairline because we can't have these knots on the forehead; it's vital. We want the lace to melt with the forehead when we're not gluing the lace wig down. It's hard to get the lace to meet with our skin, but it can melt well with the skin without any glue with Swiss lace.

    Step 5: A secret that a lot of people don't tell you all is that when they're wearing a glueless method, they usually take a little bit of gel; not use a lot of it, but use a little bit on the fingertips and smooth the hair that's on the hairline. We don't have to make baby hairs but smooth it where the edge of the lace is, and what this is going to do is cover up any separation that the lace may show in sunlight. So this will make the lace wigs look decent and natural.

    So this is the end. We hope you all find this super helpful. UWigs is an online store specializing in human hair wigs; all kinds of lace wigs are available. If you don't know where to buy the high-quality and affordable human hair wigs, you can try in UWigs. 

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