Can you wear a high ponytail with a lace wig?

    It’s summer, and the degree is climbing. Wearing a  human hair lace wig on hot days is no doubt that a challenge. So somebody may ask can I put the lace wig in a ponytail to keep cool during the summer? Of course, the answer is yes. But it also depends upon the type of lace wig you’ve purchased. Do you know what’s the best lace wig to wear in a ponytail? And how to wear the lace wig in a high ponytail. If you are not clear about that, keep on reading, we will show you all the details on this blog. 


What is the best lace wig to wear in a ponytail?

    Among all the types of lace wig, the full lace wig and 360 lace front wig are recognized as the best lace wig to create the high ponytail hairstyle. Because they are both have the entire lace can twine around the perimeter of the head. We can also put the lace front wig or the lace closure wig into a ponytail. However, they don’t work as well as the full lace wig or the 360 lace wig.

Tips on how to wear a lace wig in a high ponytail 

Size of wig cap 

    There are some tips on how to wearing the lace wig into a ponytail. First of all, It’s best to create a high ponytail with a tight wig cap. In addition, we need to choose the right size wig cap. If the wig cap is too big and it doesn’t fit properly, creating a ponytail may cause the wig cap to slip and slide around on our heads. 

Secure the lace wig

    Besides, it’s essential to secure the lace front wig before putting it into a high ponytail. We recommend wearing a special adhesive band under the wig or appropriate clips to hold the wig securely to avoid slippage. Don’t forget to secure the back of the lace wig.

Hair density

    Select a lace wig that is medium in thickness. If the hair density is too high or too low, the ponytail may not look natural. Especially a high density  lace wig is  heavier in weight. Then it will slip off because the ponytail may be too heavy. 

Put up the hair

    Grab the section of hair that we want to put in a ponytail, secure it in place with a basic hairband. Usually, High ponytails have the base positioned between the front of the hairline and the top of the head. Then, we can tie up the ponytail where we want.  


    We can create some baby hair to make it looks much more natural, and we can also pull out some of the hair from the ponytail to create similar tendrils. It will look much better when loose strands from the natural hair are pulled out from under the wig, creating loose tendrils. 

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you all find this guide helpful. Visit UWigs official store to get more information and order cheap human hair lace wigs.

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