Can You Sleep With Your Human Hair Lace Wig?

    Hey beauties, taking off the human hair wig before going to bed is the best way to protect human hair wigs. However, we also noticed that some people need to sleep with their wigs due to various reasons. So today, we will share some tips with you to sleep in your human hair lace wig at night.

 Can You Sleep With Your Human Hair Lace Wig|UWigs

    The first thing you need to do is brush the hair out, make sure to brush all the tangles out, and anything snags out of it. Always start at the bottom then, work the way up to the root. Get yourself a nice wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush. They will help you detangle the knots in your hair much easy.

    If you find that the ends of the hair look a little dry, I suggested using a styling or moisturizer. How much you need is all depends on how the extra texture of the hair is. It will keep your hair from any flyaways and also help tame the frizzies.

    I think none of you like the hair touching you while sleeping. So make sure to part the hair in two sections and twist it together, like you are doing a cornrow, but these are twists and overlap them into the hair. This will helps with the morning time. You do not need to style the hair if you are in a rush to leave out the door, you can only unbraid these braids, and your hair is more or less like a loose wave texture and is easy to wear.

     Be sure that you are gathering all the hair. If the lace wig that you have is a little thicker, you can't put it all into a braid, you can leave some of it out in the back, but you should make sure to gather it all up at the end into a small ponytail.

     Now we have two twist braids, then we need to get an elastic band, but whatever, tie all of the hair together, then warp up a headband around the hairline, which will hold down the lace wig perfectly fine. Taking one of the smaller elastic bands, which is a little bit even tighter and this one will helps it all in place. Finally, put on an extra silk bonnet. I hope you all enjoyed this guide and have a great night.

    UWigs is a trusted human hair wigs vendor. If you are looking for cheap human hair wigs which are easy to maintain and can sleep in, UWigs is your ideal choice.

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