Can we swim in a lace wig on vacation?

    Hi there, we are UWigs. The summer is coming soon, lots of people would like to go to the beach for the vacation, and they may think that if they can swimming in a lace wig. For those of you who have that tricky question, we are talking about swimming in a wig. Can we swim in lace wigs? 

Can we swim with the lace wigs?

    When it comes to swimming with a lace wig, I think several people would think that's impossible, the lace wig should be glue down, but when it soaks in the swimming pool, it will be lift and float in the water. We don't want that to happen so that we chose to swim without wigs. Swimming in a wig is doable. But many matters need attention. UWigs will explain what we should pay attention to when swimming with a lace wig in the flowing text.

What we should pay attention to for swimming in a lace wig?

    First of all, we will talk about is the types of lace wigs. As we all know, the lace front wigs have evolved a whole lot; no matter what kinds of lace wigs, lace closure wigs, lace front wig, or full lace wig, they all have a natural look, it seems that the hair is growing out of the scalp. So we can swim in the lace wigs. But when swimming with a lace wig, make sure the glue is fresh, make sure the lace wigs tack down securely. We do not want to get in the water and start swimming around, and then that lace wigs just come off.

    The most important thing is not the types of lace wigs but the hair texture of the lace wig. No matter what kind of lace wigs, but let's assume that those are human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are the type of wigs that we can wear daily but not in swimming because when we swim in synthetic lace wigs, there's a massive change in that wig. The hair on the synthetic wigs probably won't keep its quality; it's probably going to get tangled and matted. We don't recommend swimming in a synthetic wig unless you plan on just throwing the wig away right after you get out of the pool; then that's fine. 

    When swimming in a lace wig, we know if it's applied correctly, the lace wig can stay on for a moment, but it could lift as well for a long time. So we would recommend tied the lace wig by a band, tied around the hairline to keep the lace wig in place. Because once hairs and water it's a little heavier, it's going to pull a little bit more, so that wrap may keep our edges intact, keep the lace front intact. So that way, we don't have to worry about it coming off. 

    If you make your wigs, we would recommend using a net weaving cap versus a dome cap because it has holes in it so that it can breathe, and it's easier to dry once we take the wig off hats. The dome cap is thicker, and they're more like fabric base; they'll hold it more water, so it's going to be a little harder for them to dry. So get a weaving cap with tiny, itty-bitty holes in it would be better.

    When we get back from swimming, we recommend taking off the lace wig and wash it. Because our scalps are saturated with water and chlorine or saltwater, the lace wig is soaking wet, and if we let that wig dry on our head, our scalp will be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold; nobody wants that. It's going to stink and disgusting. So if you are trying to swim in a wig on vacation, make sure that your wig is on human hair. If it's human hair, it should be washed, conditioned, blow-dried, or air-dried and come right back to life. After getting out of the pool, make sure to take off the lace wig and wash it and completely blow-dry it before put it back on your head.

    Thank you so much for reading this blog. If you have any questions or want to get virgin hair lace wigs from UWigs, please contact us to get a secret discount.

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