Brazilian Hair VS Cambodian Hair

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair  is cut from Brazilian donors . It is a very popular in hair market,many Africa American girls like it. Brazilian Hair is thick and full. Brazilian Hair is low maintenance, so you needn’t cost too many time to take care of it. And Brazilian hair is low to medium luster because a little bit coarse, it isn’t as silky as other hairs. So the hair is more close to Africa American hair and it blends more with their hairs.

Why Brazilian hair is coarser? Because in Brazil there's a lot of different diversities and there's girls with curly hair and keep the curly hair.



Cambodian hair

Cambodian Hair is cut from Cambodian donors. It is well-known as its luster. Different from Brazilian hair, Cambodian hair is medium to high luster. Also, Cambodian hair is soft sleekly and looks luxurious and gorgeous. People will fail in love with the texture of Cambodian hair when they see it. Also Cambodian hair is durable enough that you can treat it like your own hair, like dying and perming. You can restyle it as you like.



What hair is better? It’s hard to say, because both of Brazilian hair and Cambodian hair are excellent. It depends on your preference and your demands. If you like a more natural hair, you can choose Brazilian hair, but if you want the hair more lustrous, you can buy Cambodian hair. So which one would you prefer?

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