Best tips for washing and conditioning human hair wig

    Hey beauties, this is UWigs. Today, I'm talking to you about what you can and can't do while washing and conditioning human hair wigs. If you are not good at human hair wig maintenance, keep on reading.

    The first thing that you need to pay attention to is when you first receive a human hair wig. You need to check and wash it before wearing it. A lot of people don't do this. A human hair wig is a huge investment. So it's very important to maintain it. Check washing can tell whether or not there was a manufacturing process on this wig.

Best tips for washing and conditioning human hair wig

    Tip 1: When you have your human hair wig, and you're ready to wash it. The first thing you need to do is comb or brush through the hair to remove all tangles. Make sure that everything is detangled and all of the hairs going in the same direction. You don't want to create tangles by washing. 

    Tip 2: The key to washing virgin human hair wigs is cool running water because when you start washing it with hot water, it will swell up the hair fibers and dry out the hair. We want to extend the lifespan of our wig.

   Tip 3: Then it's your option where to wash your human hair wig. You can wash it in a sink, but I strongly advise against actually dunking the hair into the sink because the hair will tangle while it's swirl when you do that. If you wash it in the sink, make sure you hold the hair in the same direction as running it under the cool water.

    Tip 4:As far as shampoo and conditioner, I strongly suggest that you go for a shampoo and conditioner formulated for human hair wigs. It's very important. A wig is not attached to a scalp anymore, so its needs are different.

    Tip 5:Correctly shampoo the human hair wig is essential. First, you don't want to squirt the shampoo directly on the wig. That is a no-no. The part of the wig that you want to wash the best is the cap. Put the shampoo in your hands, start working it through the cap gently, then use your fingers to work through the hair. 

    Tip 6:After you shampoo your wig, the next thing you want to do is condition it. You know that when you put conditioner on the hair, it detangles the knots. We all know that hairs strands are attached to the cap through knots. Therefore, please do not get conditioner on the roots or the wig cap. If you do that, you may start to experience hair loss. My suggestion to you is when you apply the conditioner, put it in your hands and then work it through the midshaft of the hair and focus on those ends. The ends are what get the driest.   

    Tip 7:After you have the conditioner worked into the hair, you can let it sit for a few minutes if you want. You don't have to let it sit for a few minutes, but you can let it sit for a while if you're planning on doing a deep condition.

    So that's all my tips for washing and conditioning human hair wig, hope you find this guide helpful. UWigs is o back to school wig sale. Once you purchase human hair wigs from, you can enjoy a surprise discount.

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