Beginners Tips To Make Lace Wigs Like Real Hair!

    Hi there, we are UWigs. Today, we will tell you the truth about lace wig customization and how to get your lace wig to look like it's growing from your scalp in this blog!

Beginners Tips To Make Lace Wigs Like Real Hair


    The first thing that we can do to make the hairline look natural is to pluck it. It ruins the lace wig because it can cause a little bit more shedding. However, it gives a natural hairline. We all know that plucking any hair out of the lace wig is a sure way to cause shedding and also ruin the lace wig. Nonetheless, it is a great thing to do, because we want the lace wig to look very realistic, we don't want it to look bulky and thick, just like a wig, we want it to look like our natural hair, so we need to tweeze out some hairs from the lace wig to make it look realistic.

    The goal of plucking wig is to create a natural look, so not tweezing too long in one section, and make sure that taking small sections of hair at a time. Of course, we're going to lose some hair, which is expected. One rule of thumb is that when it comes to plucking, how much we pull with tweezers depends on the density of the lace wigs. So please pay attention to the densities, make sure that not over-plucking, because we don't want to mess it up, if we do it right, we will lose some hair, but we will get a lace wig with a very natural look at the end.

    Conclusion: pluck takes away bulky density to reveal a natural look, but it will increase shed hair.


    As we all know, when it comes to curly hair and heat, it will damage our hair. Whereas, when it comes to the lace wigs, we can afford to take a little bit of damage. Like Hot combs, it will help us make the lace wigs flat and give a more natural appearance.

    While the hot comb can apply some heat damage, but to be honest, unless it's extremely hot and it burns some hair out, but this is the temp of heat that we want to use on the lace wigs because it's going to lay that area that we're parting or the hairline down and make it look less wiggy.

    It is an important step that you do not want to miss out. If you want your wig to look realistic now, of course, you only use the hot comb at the roots of the hair, but you never want to take it throughout the whole hair. And keep that in mind and make sure you are using some types of wax stick or hairspray to at least give the hair a little bit of protection.

    Conclusion: heat help will help to lay the lace wigs flat and give a more natural appearance but can cause heat damage over time.


    Adding foundation to the inside of the cap does stain the lace, but it will make your wig lace look like the scalp. So whether you're applying foundation, or the perfect line Swiss, or even a fake scalp insert, you're doing a little bit of damage to the lace wigs, but once you have done all of them, it's time to see how realistic your wig looks.

    Conclusion: lace tint helps make the lace color and melt and match the skin tone but can cause lace quality to worn and strained over time.

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