Beginners Baby Hair Tutorial on Lace Wigs!

    Are you tired of an unnatural baby hair hairline? We know that it's not easy to create natural baby hair for wigs beginners, so we want to share the technique used to create natural baby hair on the lace wigs to help you achieve soft natural baby hair.

Beginners Baby Hair Tutorial on Lace Wigs| UWigs

How To Make a Natural Baby Hair On The Lace Wig?

    Step1: The first thing is putting the lace wig on the mannequin and separating some hair in the front, just separating a little piece of hair to create the baby hairs. So any hair that we want to make baby hairs is the hair we're going to apply this product. We can do this method on whatever type of hair, but it will work as long as it's human hair, so please do not try this on synthetic hair.

    Step2: The product we will be using is the cream hair remover. This product is a hair remover, but it's not the same as removing hair off your face or legs when it comes to lace wigs. This product is going to help to soften those baby hairs and make the hair wispier. That will make the hairline look more natural, and the baby hairs look softer. It's almost like relax the hair with a relaxer. Remember how you have those edges lay good; that's what this will do to the baby hairs on the lace wigs.

    Step3: Remember how you have those edges and lay it suitable, and apply a little bit of the hair remover to the back of your hand or a bowl. Then we will use this only to the hair but not hit the knots. Apply the remover half an inch away from the knots on the wig, don't leave it on the hair for more than two minutes. Don't overdo it, and do not go past the timing because if you go past that timing, there is a chance that we will lose hair out. 

    Step4: The next step is to rinse all of the removers off of the hairline. Wash the hair with shampoo because We don't want to leave any product on the lace wig. We can shampoo it two to three times, just making sure we get all of that product out. We would recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. And then let it air dry.

   Step5: Separate the hairs that we will use for baby hairs and get the hair to perform the way we need it to because the baby hairs are thick most of the time. Take a hot comb and pull this hair toward our face; after that, we have the baby hair separated.

    Step6: The next step is to trim the baby hair. We would recommend using a razor since we will get the layer effect with a razor. Start in the center and grab the hairs and then go to an angle and begin to cut.

    Step7: We need to add some hair mousse to the hairline, and then we use a brush to brushing the baby hair down. After that, we're going to tie it down and blow-dry it. Then take a lash brush and some hair wax, go over those baby hairs with the wax, and then lightly brush out the baby hairs to soften them up so they won't look so harsh. Once we break that cast of that hair for more hair mousse or gel, it will be like a semi-permanent swoop, so even if you comb it out is still going to lay in that smooth position. If you need to, you can go back in with some tweezers and tweeze out any parts of the hairs that seem overly thick to soften them up.


    These are all the tips that would help you create natural baby hairs, and we hope this blog was beneficial to you all. We are UWigs, and if you want to get more information or get cheap human hair lace wigs, please keep on paying attention to our column.

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