Beginner friendly glueless lace wig application

    Hi, you all, this is UWigs. Everyone wondered how to apply lace wigs without the extra hassle, so here's my beginner friendly glueless lace wig application, no glue, no gel, no tape. There was no stocking cap method but only used the elastic band and combs for a secure and laid wig. Now we know that many people are suffering from a receding hairline, the glueless install is helpful to protect the edges. Just keep on reading to see how to achieve it.

Beginner glue-less lace wig application|UWigs

 Glueless lace wig application

    Step 1: As usual, we need to prepare ourselves with some braids before putting on the human hair lace wig. While wearing braids, we can use some wild growth oil to prevent our hair and scalp from damage.

    Step 2: We need to clean our hairline with regular alcohol and then use the edge control to slick our edges back; brush all the hair back and create a flat edge.

    Step 3: Use some scissors and cut off the lace before applying the human hair wig. Cut off a majority of the lace along the hairline in the front but not too much so that we can adjust anything we don't like once we get it on. Then put on the lace wig and go ahead and remove that hair around the ear. In that way, we'll be able to push the hair back.

    Step 4: When we put on the lace wig, insert the combs into our natural hair to secure the wig down. At the same time, don't forget to tighten the adjustable straps. That is very important; if we fail to tighten it up, it may be loose in the back, and it's easy to slide off.

    Combs and an elastic band are the keys for glueless wig application, and these make you apply your lace wig quicker. And it would be better to put on some water and a lot of body foaming lotion to define the curls and put on some leave-in conditioner to lock in the moisture. 

    Step 5: Go ahead and do a little plug into the hair. You can do this on your head or the mannequin. Don't pluck too much in one area. Otherwise, you will get a bald spot.

    Step 6: We found that it can better mold the lace wig into the scalp when the lace is wet. So we can use a lot of body foaming moves to get the hairlines to lay in place. Even though we do not glue it down, we can also spray to keep the lace in place. Besides, we can also use the backside of the edge brush or a comb to kind of press the lace into our skin, not gluing it down, but we're doing techniques with hair products to just sort of hold the lace in place. 

    So with the glueless install, we don't have to worry about sleeping in it; we can easily take it off before sleeping. I hope you all find this guide is helpful. Visit UWigs online store to get a cheap lace wig.

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