360 Lace Wigs VS Full Lace Wigs

    Full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs are similar, and both of them can help us achieve any look we want. However, do you know the difference between full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs? They are so similar, but they serve different purposes. Only when you have well understood the between them so that you can make the right choice. UWigs will talk about the differences between full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs, and we will show you which one is best for you.

 Difference Between Full Lace Wig And 360 Lace Wigs

360 lace wigs Vs full lace wigs

1. Structural

    The entire wig cap of the full lace wig is made of lace, which is hand-knotted strand by strand onto the lace cap. So that this creates the illusion that all the human hair is growing directly from the scalp, but we cannot make a full lace wig by ourselves.

    The 360 lace wigs are created by a 360 lace frontal and human hair bundles, so we have lace around the circumference of this wig we can part around the perimeter of this wig. We can purchase a 360 lace frontal and two to four human hair bundles and sew them in the middle of the wig to make a 360 lace wig at home. 

2. Price

    We can make a 360 lace wig by ourselves, which does not have to be made by the factory. We can purchase a 360 lace frontal and two to four bundles and sew them in the middle of the wig. However, we cannot make a full lace wig by ourselves. This wig is manufactured by a factory generally. So a full lace wig is a little bit pricier than a 360 lace wig, but both wigs cost more than the lace closure wig or the lace front wig. So with the full lace wig and 360 lace wigs, the prices can start at $100 and range to $300 plus dollars. So when investing our money into these wigs, we should be cognizant of taking good care of these wigs and treating them as if our natural hair because we do not want to spend $300 for a human hair wig that only lasts three months. 

3. Versatile

    The full lace wig costs a little more because it is more versatile than the 360 lace wigs, and it has parting space throughout the wig. For example, we can do cornrows, do half-up and half-down, do pigtails. But with 360 lace wigs, you can do a lot of up, such as buns and high ponytails. 

4. Shedding / balding

    Disclaimer: all wigs shed. Just like our hair, it sheds a little every day, which means hand-made virgin hair lace wigs with hair tied to a knot shed as well. Due to bleaching the knots, combing the hair excessively, and washing the hair, the human hair lace wigs will begin to shed. All wigs will shed and will bald over time. But it does not mean you start to see a lot of shading going on when you first purchased this wig. 

    In general, a full lace wig will shed faster and bald faster than a 360 lace wig because the hair is tied to lace around the entire wig cap of the full lace wig. However, it also depends on the maintenance.  

5. Life span/longevity

    These wigs can not last forever. We can maybe get them for 1 to 2 years if you purchase from UWigs, but that is only under proper maintenance and care. So before we purchase these wigs, you need to think about if you are ready to take good care of these wigs. 

    Another popular question we get is which one of these wigs lasts longer? Well, both of them can last one to two years with proper maintenance and care; but generally speaking, the human hair 360 lace wig will last longer. If you are considering the longevity of wigs, we would recommend the 360 lace wig because there is not much hair tied to the lace, it is only around the perimeter, so it would not be bald or shed as faster. Also, you can always change out the 360 lace frontal with another frontal if you make this wig yourself. As far as the full lace wig, once you start shedding and balding in certain areas, you have to throw it away because you can't fix that, so you have to end up buying another full lace wig.

6. Volume fullness

    Which one is full and which one has more volume that depends on the density of the wig. 130%, 150%, or 180% are the most popular densities are available in UWigs. The higher the density means the more hair in the wig and the more the lace wigs cost. 

7. Capsize 

    When purchasing a full lace wig or a 360 wig, or any wig, please make sure you have your exact capsize or a little bit bigger one. Because if you do purchase a wig that is a little bit bigger than your head, it doesn’t matter. You can cut it and sew it together, and you can use elastic band combs and clips. However, if you purchased a wig that is too small for you, it will be hard to adjust that wig on your hand. 

8. Glueless VS not glueless

    When purchasing a full lace wig or a 360 wig, you can choose a glueless wig or a wig that requires glue. A glueless wig means the wig has elastic bands, combs, and clips within the wig cap, and we can install it without glue. If the wig was not glueless, it means the wig only has lace at the bottom that requires glue tape or for you to slay it down. 

Which is the best wig for you?

    Maybe you are wondering which one should you choose, and which one is best for you. In my opinion, if you love doing different styles and changing up the wig, we would recommend the more versatile full lace wig; but this wig requires more specialized care. So if you want to get a more affordable and longevity wig, the 360 lace wig is much better for you.

    We hope this article will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. UWigs will provide the most professional service for you.

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